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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  September 14, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning, everyone as we take a live look at the washington monument on this tuesday, september 14, 2010, also primary day in d.c. and if maryland. good morning.
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i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir dhindsa. should be a beautiful day to get out there to the polls for the primary. let's check in with tucker for our weather. >> you said it all. a little breezy out there later this afternoon. the only change in the forecast there. we'll talk about the cold front coming through and bringing university a couple of clouds out there at this hour. not going to amount to much. clouds will move out quickly and we should replace it with sunshine. a gorgeous afternoon. nice breeze out of the north and west, 10 to 15 miles per hour. at times today, a little gusty, winds gusting to about 5. 68 at reagan national. that is much warmer than the surrounding region. 58 in baltimore. 61 at dulles. 69 in winchester just ahead of
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that frontal system. a comfortable start to the day. winds north and west gusting to about 25. let's go back to sarah. >> thank you. our top story, it is primary day in the district and in maryland. in the district, voters are deciding on a democratic candidate for mayor. there are also several city council races as well. in maryland voters will vote in the senate primary. fox 5 has complete coverage of today's primary day races. the polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. we ill be live on every campaign throughout the day for you and bring you poll results here. as much as you love your cell phones, ipods and laptops,
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so do the criminals. metro says robberies on trains and buses are on the rise. from january to june, nearly 550 robberies. that is up about 160 from the year before. fox 5's will thomas rode the rails with metro transits police to help you reduce your chances of becoming a victim. >> reporter: we are talking about personal robberies not only on trains but on buses. captain leslie campbell of the metro transit police joining us. let's talk about would makes a good victim. there is a spike in this type of crime this year so far. as you look around at this platform on inaugurallery place, who is potentially a victim. >> anyone who has an electronic device and not paying attention to their surroundings. you have a young lady using her electronic device. can we approach? >> yes. >> ma'am, i'm will thomas and this is captain campbell. >> we are experiencing a spike in robberies of electronic devices and would remind to you
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keep your electronic device out of sight, pay attention to your surroundings. >> reporter: are you telling people not to use their phones, not to use their i-pods when they're commuting. >> we're not telling people not to use them. we are asking people to be more careful and more vigilant while we use them. >> reporter: as we board, maybe you can tell us who is potentially vulnerable in here. >> this gentleman right here. he is not looking around. >> reporter: and right by a door. >> right by a door. this young lady here. not really paying attention to what is going on around her. >> reporter: captain, where are most of the crimes occurring? on the train? on the platform? >> on the trains, one of the most vulnerable areas if you are standing by the door. >> reporter: the bad guys come up to the door. >> they go out the door. >> reporter: and they're gone. >> they want to make sure they snatch your phone as the door chimes are chiming and the droor is closing. they are outside the train.
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you are still stuck on the train. we want to let our riders know they should secure their electronic device so she don't become a victim. >> reporter: what are you doing from a police perspective to try to get these guys? >> we are using a variety of patrols whether it is saturation or extra officers. >> thank you. fox 5 morning news at 40 starts right now. good morning on this primary day aa live look over the nation's capital, washington, d.c. thank you for joining us. i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir dhindsa this morning. the temperatures are beautiful
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outside. no excuse not to head out to vote. >> that's right, unless you are not registered. >> then you have all kinds of excuses before hand. >> let me tell you. it will be a nice day if you are going out and about going to the voting booth, sarah is absolutely right, no excuses. it will be a little breezy out there at times and a nice fall- like feel even though the temperatures will approach 80. our wind will be breezy with temperatures about 5 miles per hour later this afternoon. 68degrees at reagan national. humidity up a little bit. we have a frontal system coming through as we speak bringing some cloud cover. that is about it. remember yesterday, we had the fog. no problems with that today. we can see the cloud cover streaming in from the north and west. the frontal system not going to bring us rain showers. we could use it. very dry around here for the past month or so. just not in the cards today. but what is in the forecast, a lot of sunshine and a beautiful afternoon. forecast, high temperatures yesterday were in the middle
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80s in town. a little cooler than that. about 77 to 80 in washington. 82 in waldorf and 81 in warrenton. no rain in the forecast today. >> let's get a check of our morning commute with our julie wright. she has your on-time traffic. >> we're not looking so bad right now. we are off to a pretty quiet start. the lanes are open between college park and bethesda. now 301 at climber drive, that is where we have a crash. only one lane squeezing through. beltway here at route 4. no problems reported between andrews and the wilson bridge. traveling in on 66, so far, so good. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. our top story this morning, voters in maryland and the district head to the polls today to cast their votes in primary elections. now, we have team coverage this
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morning. we will have extensive information coming up on that. stacy cohan and matt ackland will be live for us. let's take a look here real quick at the latest of what you can expect today. >> reporter: with hours left before the election, mayor fenty's campaign trail ended with go-go music and the support of local go-go bands. >> something i grew up with. a lot of of these guys grew up in my neighborhood. >> reporter: mayor fenty drumming up on expert on his last stop of the day on woodland terrace in southeast. >> we have a computer lab, a basketball court, two playgrounds and a wonderful field up the street. >> reporter: fenty's last- minute pitch to the people is that the district is now in better shape than it was when he took office. >> the schools are way better. no perfect human being.
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no perfect mayor. we'll get better in the job as we go along. >> reporter: council chair vincent gray stopped in southwest to mix and mingle as well as give voters his last- minute pitch about being more inclusive and doing things in a different way. >> i'm the only candidate in this mayoral race that actually disseminated position papers on education, on economic development, public safety and the public trust and financial management. we talked about that all across the city. >> this is very good. i was impressed to see him in the neighborhood. not to say the other candidates haven't been here but not the day before. >> reporter: recent polls show gray with a lead going into tuesday's primary. >> i've heard people in many instances talk about voting for another candidate but i think in the nearly six months we've run this campaign, i've heard people who have had that attitude actually transition to another place. >> reporter: one candidate
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looking to take the city in a different direction, the incumbent mayor wants to build in the direction he as it hasn't the city over the last years. tuesday, the voters will decide. >> that was wisdom martin reporting. we do have extensive one on one interviews with d.c. mayor adrian fenty and his opponent and council chair vincent gray on you can look for the link on our home page. d.c. is not the only place where important primaries today. in maryland, voters will cast their ballots for the senate primary and in the governor's race. in prince george's county, voters will decide would will be their next county executive. fox 5's maureen umeh has the latest on that race. >> reporter: going door to could to got out the vote in prince george's county. >> i'm michael jackson running for county executive.
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>> reporter: sheriff michael jackson and workers for rashern baker working to get support. >> reporter: bothing campaigning on education, economic development and crime reduction. >> i'm the only executive in the race. >> reporter: jackson believed he is the best qualified for the job after serving eight years as sheriff. he was born and bred in the county and has held several positions including teaching. jackson believes that makes him better suited to address student needs. >> my name is in congressional record. we are recognized for my child support initiative, our school resource initiative. >> reporter: rashern baker is making a third run for the county executive seat after losing twice to jack john son. for his part, baker too is focus on improving county's
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education system saying it is paramount to fixing the county's overall position in the region. he is endorsed by a number of state and local lawmakers. both candidates have plans to help spur economic development, jackson way series of tax cede is it's, loans that he says will bring in revenue -- with a series of traction credits and loans that he says will bring in revenue. yesterday, bob ehrlich picked i'm big endorsement. senator john mccain says he thinks ehrlich is a fine guy. he is throwing his support behind ehrlich. fox 5, remember, we have complete coverage for you, up to date primary day races. the polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. we'll be live on every campaign
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throughout the day for you and bring you the poll results here on fox 5 and on coming up next on fox 5 morning news, what happens with a gas line erupts into a raging fireball? you are going to see for yourself in newly released surveillance video. we'll have that. plus more than a million gallons of crude pureed into the gulf and the government claims most it was has disappeared but a group of scientists say they found it. that is coming up next. [ female announcer ] which cheese slices do you prefer? one that has to be called pasteurized processed cheese product? [ lou ] or, one that can actually be called, natural cheese? ♪ here at sargento, we believe your sandwiches, burgers and panini
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making headlines, some incredible video from a store and gas station when a huge explosion ripped through a california neighborhood. a gas line ruptured in san bruno last thursday killing four people and destroying 37 homes. four others are still missing. the company responsible, pacific gas and electric, says it is now establishing a $100
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million victims fund. >> my heart goes out to my neighbors and the lives lost. i'm really shocked at what i'm seeing right now. >> it is not just the physical reconstruction but the mental reconstruction that will have to take place that will affect our city and our individual citizens for many years to come. >> pg & e also gave the city $3 million to help cover responses. the pipe in california was more than 50 years old which is about the average life expectancy of those things. there are similar distrigas lines all over the country too. the christmas day bomber has fired his lawyer. he asked the judge about the process for him to plead guilty to some of the charges. the nigerian man is accused of trying to set off explosives on a flight headed for detroit on christmas day. the judge urged him not to fire
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his lawyer but agreed to the request. researchers from the university of georgia say they have found patches of oil on the sea floor. some of that is up to 80 miles away from the deep water horizon's well. the government said 75% of the crude that leaked into the gulf had disappeared. they are testing to see if the oil is actually from the bp well. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, disturbing allegations against a man hired as a clown to entertain children. plus, a virginia man found tied up and shot to death in his own home and police think this is what sparked the deadly dispute. should be another beautiful day. got a little bit of cloud cover out there at this hour but a lot of sunshine in the forecast along with breezy conditions and julie wright will be in with a look at your on-time traffic. she has the latest for you as well coming up after the break.
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take a look at this. it is hard to remember when we were enjoying such beautiful weather but seven months ago, we were still snowed in from the blizzard of 2010. snow-covered side streets threatened many families and now, we are seeing the result of all that togetherness.
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local hospitals are expecting another sort of blizzard in the next few weeks and it is not snow. laura evans has more. >> reporter: in february, washington was brought to a stand still by one of the wort blizzards in the city's history burying the region under nearly two feet of snow. some people braved the outdoors, walking, sight seeing, shoveling while others retreated indoors. >> you're measuring just about where you should based on gestational age. >> now, nearly nine months later, a blizzard of babies is due. >> we've seen a tremendous surge as we get into the fall for the number of deliveries. last year, we did about 1350 deliveries and we're expecting we may actually get to 200 more deliveries this year. >> it is most definitely a by- product of the blizzard. >> reporter: miller says he and
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his wife laura were trying to have a baby and the blizzard helped. >> we knew you along time ago we were going to be busy at this time. people come for prenatal car months in advance. i hav engaged in extra help. >> reporter: at the same time cynthia flynn is preparing for the extra births, she not really buying into the blizzard phenomenon. >> it is one of those urban myths. it is heavier than it usually is but whether enough to be statistically significant, i don't know. >> reporter: the doctor begs to differ. >> oh, it's real. it is very real. >> he says his clients readily admit they are carrying blizzard babies. >> they will tell you we were bored or we had nothing el to do or we were just too close. >> reporter: winter boredom for couples now leading to
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sleepless nights for parents. >> that was laura he havens reporting there. >> i think we were quite busy with doing other things during the snow coverage. >> i was here. >> we were all here. >> none of that for me. >> thankfully, we don't have that to deal with today. the snow i mean. >> thank you very much. it was getting awkward. let's tuck about temperatures yesterday. 85degrees at reagan national. 87 at dulles. check it out. temperature all over the place. bwi marshall only got to 81. we forecast the temperature in the mid-80s so we were pretty close. a cold front coming through today. that will cool us down a little bit as far as temperatures go and also increased breezes out of the west and northwest gusting to about 25 miles per hour later today. current temperatures, let's do it. again, nice start to the day here as far as temperatures go. 6 # at reagan national.
4:49 am
57 in gaithersburg. 59 for you in manassas. a little warmer in some spots. -- 62 at reagan national. good news is it will be sunny and bright around here. bad news is not so much rain shower activity the next couple of days. as this front come through during the morning hours, a little bit of cloud cover. you see the cloud and then i think the sun will start to move in here during the course of the afternoon as high pressure starts to move in. it will be a nice-looking afternoon. mostly sunny skies expected as the front come through. rain showers out to the west towards st. louis unfortunately will stay to the south. our rain does not get in here until thursday night or friday and we have a chance of a little bit of shower and/or thunderstorm activity. mostly sunny skies for us. breezy at times. high temperature, 82 degrees. notice the wind out of the north and west 10 to 15 gusting
4:50 am
to 25. later tonight, very comfortable. 62 in town. 50s off to the north and west. a great-look five-day forecast. tomorrow's high, 81 with sunshine. we will see some clouds for the day on thursday. could be a few showers thursday night and early friday and then we'll get it out of here by friday afternoon. that sets us up for a nice start this weekend with 80 degrees on saturday. let's get to on-time traffic with julie wright. >> all right. we are talking about a crash that occurred along 301 at clymer drive. that has been cleared so the road is open. here at the american legion bridge, traffic republicans smoothly coming from montgomery county out towards tyson's. no problems to report off the inner loop leaving tyson around towards 270. you are up to speed on 395 coming northbound from the beltway. no trouble spots to report headed out towards the 14th street bridge.
4:51 am
95 traffic behaving nicely dale city to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a reminder about a traffic alert for for one. the busiest commuter routes in the district a new traffic configuration is in place to the 14th street bridge. the left shoulder is closed for the entire length of the bridge. all four lanes have shifted to the right of the construction barrier. it is all part of the ongoing rehab project on the bridge that should finish in the fall of 2011. it took more than 40 years to build but the fairfax county parkway is just about finished. the final 1.8 miles near fort belvoir is about to open. the$124million project is critical with the military relocating 20,000 jobs to the area next year. >> this has become one of the most famous recovery acted because president obama actually visited the project
4:52 am
twice. >> without this final stretch, it would have just been a mess. it would have been a mess. and this provides a component, major component in our transportation network. >> the final section becomes full hi operational next week. it will link route 7 in the north to route one in the south. northrop grumman will shell out # 50,000 for an independent review of the massive computer failure that shut off the efforts at the dmv. a speed bump may be the cause of a murder anterior and home invasion in vince. steven karr convinced officials to put in a speed bump in front
4:53 am
of his home. his neighbor was reportedly upset about the bump. police say patton got into the house and tied up karr and his girlfriend. police believe he shot him when he tried to get free. neighbors are absolutely stunned about this. >> it is really sad, unfortunate to think people can fly off the handle so much over a speed bump, that it could be that bad. >> karr and patton got into a fight back in june too. they were supposed to go to court on thursday. d.c. police are looking for theperson who shot an armored car guard. this all happened yesterday outside the popeye's in southeast. witnesses say the suspect walked up to the armored consider as the vehicle pulled up, shot the guard as he was getting out, then took off without any cash. no word on the guard's condition. a popular children's entertainer is in trouble with
4:54 am
the law again. folk in d.c. know this clown. he is a big hit at kids birthday parties. his criminal history is a story we have followed here at fox 5 and now the man behind the make- up is in trouble again. fox 5's beth parker has the latest. >> a colorful photo and i wide smile. kids around d.c. know him as fonzie the clown. to law enforcement, he was alfonso pitman. he has been charged with a sex offense. new court documents say the victim is a 14-year-old girl. she accused pitman of assaulting her inside his business on kennedy street northwest. the teenager says this past june, pitman, quote, placed both his hands up the front of her dress. the court papers go on to say that pitman reached into his pocket, got out some money and asked the 14-year-old.
4:55 am
the teen talked about the incident with her godmother who reported it to the police. a spokesman said it has been a while since he has seen pittman. the reason nobody as seen him around the place of business is he spent the last three weeks here at the d.c. jail. >> i felt like it was my fault. >> reporter: the prince george's county state's attorney's office chose to prosecute the case but a jury found pittman not guilty n 2006, he was convicted of misdemeanor sex abuse. he was on probation from that case when his latest arrest happened. those who know pittman say all the while he has been working with kids, smiling all along. >> we also tried to reach pittman if a comment and we also called a lawyer who has represented him. pittman has been in jail since
4:56 am
august 21 o'. he is scheduled to return to court this coming friday. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, the ravens open up the 2010 campaign against the new york jets but the jets are also dealing with a big controversy off the playing field. we'll have that coming up. ♪ mmmmm... ( crash ) ♪ mmmmm... ( crash ) ♪ mmmmm... ( crash ) when you add velveeta to spicy rotel tomatoes and green chiles, you've got a queso so good, it'll blow 'em away. mmmmm... ( crash ) - ha ha ha! - woo! - dang! velveeta & rotel. man, that's good!
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rafael gonzalez truly among the elite when he won first first u.s. open. he is just the seventh man in tennis to capture the career grand slam which is winning all four majors at least once. the spaniard on quite a roll
4:59 am
winning the french and wimbledon and now the u.s. open. the jets an ravens and it is mcgahey. the jets accused some of unsportsman like conduct. a mexican reporter said he felt uncomfortable at a jets conference. she says they flew footballs at her and even tried to block the way when they she tried to walk away. some said she was not dressed appropriately. she said jeans and a blouse are appropriate. the team's owner has apologized. both the nfl and the jets are investigating. we still have plenty ahead. weather, traffic and all


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